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Navigating Homes For Sale In Central Mississippi


Mississippi Real Estate

Having the right real estate information is crucial when making decisions towards the purchase or sale of a home. I have provided some  general tips and guidelines below to help you find the information you may need when navigating the Central Mississippi Real Estate market in search of your next home.


Whether you are looking for homes for sale in Madison County or homes for sale in Rankin or Hinds county the search for your next home starts with planning.  This brief and general outline can give you some idea of things you may, or may not, need to consider. All purchases however are different, and therefore may require more or different planning and steps than outlined here.


  • Make A Budget – You need to know what you can afford.  A budget will help you decide what is comfortable for you
  • Qualify With A Lender – If you plan on financing your home purchase, you will need to become a qualified buyer.  I encourage you to talk to multiple lenders while comparing types of lenders such as mortgage companies vs traditional banks.
  • Choose A Location – Decide where you want to live. Is your area defined by city, county or school district? Or is your decision based on other factors such as commute time to work?
  • Choose a Realtor® – Not all Real Estate agents are Realtors. A Realtor® has received additional training beyond basic agent licensing and stands for excellence in the real estate market. Realtors® bring a world of tools to the table for you, click and see http://www.realtor.com/Basics/AllAbout/Realtors/Why.asp?source=web

How would you like to give your criteria for buying a new home to someone and let them do all of the work? How would you like it if someone did this on a contingency basis with no money up front? As a Realtor® I can do that for you. Using the huge amount of resources available to me, I can search homes for sale in Madison County MS, Rankin County MS and Hinds County MS using your criteria and compile a list of homes that qualify for you. Next, I can research these homes and weed out the ones that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Then I can preview the remaining homes for sale in person and shield you from wasted trips to houses that you don’t want to see.  Having this work done by me in advance means that when we look at houses together, we have greatly increased the chances that we are looking at the cream of the crop within your criteria. We have also avoided countless wasted hours and tanks of gas, looking at houses for sale that don’t fit your criteria.  This is just a small part of what I can do for you as your Realtor® when buying a home. From start to finish, I will be there with you to help you and answer all of your real estate questions.  Contact me today and lets talk.