I had lost all hope.


Amandas storyI’ve always wanted to own my very own home. As a little girl I dreamed about how I would decorate it – first as a castle, then with stripes and polka dots. Then, as I grew older I realized how challenging it can be to not only decorate an entire house, but to buy one as well. First the search of a house can be arduous. Then the financing part, as well as the offers and paperwork can be overwhelming. I first tried to buy a home on my own, trying to save on additional expenses that come along with utilizing a realtor. But I found myself very lost in the process with very pushy sellers. It was a very cold experience to have to go through on my own. I gave up.

About six months later I tried the process all over again. This time I was determined to do things differently. I chose Bill Anderson as my realtor. As I had learned before, the financial process to buy a home is very complicated. I was so grateful to have Bill as my realtor because he walked me through the whole process. From top to bottom, Bill has been there to make sure that I understand each step and I am comfortable with the decisions that I have made towards my purchase. Finding the right home is difficult enough as it is, but having someone like Bill by my side during the search has been very calming for me. His professionalism and friendliness made it so that the whole process was not so stressful. Bill doesn’t sell houses – he helps people get into the home of their dreams.