There are many important characteristics that most people believe they have. In analyzing myself, I believe I am loyal, trustworthy, dedicated, determined, dependable, honest, and an overall good person. These are important values to me because these are values I consider to be positive in others and are qualities I strive to maintain. Some of my assets include being able to problem solve methodically. I am able to analyze a situation and follow a logical path to locate a solution. I am also good at helping others, as many find me easy to confide in. This also leads me to believe that I am a trustworthy person because others share their most intimate of issues with me. Some of my other qualities include being able to prioritize my duties for the day or week in order to ensure that the most critical of requirements are met for the time frame. I believe that these are things that I am good at because of the way I have been raised. Socialization and the accumulated self-knowledge I have acquired over the years has enabled me to develop positive skills that I continue to grow with each year.
As we all have assets, we also have shortcomings. Some of my shortfalls include being able to multitask, jumping to conclusions, and impulsivity from time to time. Many people tell me that men are not able to multitask, and in my case that is true. It makes me wonder if my self-concept of this shortfall is a direct result of a self-fulfilling prophecy or if I become so focused on one thing that I find it difficult to give attention to other issues at the same time. In regards to jumping to conclusions, I often find myself doing so when I am exceptionally busy and in a hurry. These are times when I do not pay enough attention to additional details and that can cause me to miss information that may result in me making a carefully calculated opinion, rather than jumping to conclusions. And, from time to time I find myself making impulsive decisions. Sometimes making poor eating choices or deciding to buy something on a whim shows my impulsive side.  I think this is a shortcoming because generally speaking I make careful decisions on how I spend my money, especially in this economy. Sometimes I throw caution to the wind and just make a quick decision about it.
There are not many situations I avoid simply because I enjoy a challenge, however I do try to avoid having too many things going on at once. As multitasking is one of my shortcomings, I try to only have up to three tasks going on at the same time because I am not very good at handling much more than that. My self-concept leads me to believe that multitasking is not a strong asset to me, which is why I avoid it. If I end up trying to handle more than that my self-esteem is impacted because it lowers my value I hold on myself.
By definition, self-concept is “the collection of beliefs we hold about ourselves” (Taylor et. al, p.97). This view is different from self-esteem because it is a group of beliefs, whereas self-esteem is defined as the value we place on ourselves. Self-knowledge is knowledge we have of ourselves that is a direct result of socialization with others throughout our lives.

Taylor, Shelley et al. (2006). Social Psychology: 12th Ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
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