The AT&T commercial that generally plays during the World Cup games is quite interesting. In observing this television commercial, one sees how warriors in history fight for their country’s honor. The commercial shows recreated clips of warriors charging for battle. The scene then flips to a World Cup game. In evaluating this commercial we see that it is comparing ancient warriors to the country’s soccer players, comparing the two as honorable fighters for their country. This message carries a positivity bias because these warriors, ancient or modern athletes, create positive emotions and the reaction is to become active. The final punch line state that they are warriors and so is AT&T, insinuating they as a company fight for honor and respect. This is a prime example of a shift of meaning as it relates warriors in any capacity to AT&T as a company. In observing the behavior of the scenes of the warriors and the scenes of the players, the inferences that are made relate warriors with soccer players that fight for honor. The personalities that are drawn to the message of this commercial feel empowered to fight for their country’s honor as well. It also draws emotions about honor and respect that can be earned through appropriate social avenues. Once the commercial is over, the viewers feel motivated to get up and into motion. The commercial is full of energy and truly represents the aura of the World Cup. The final few seconds of the commercial show and AT&T logo, linking these motivated emotions to AT&T products.


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